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Videos are the future of content marketing and increasingly more and more businesses are turning to Infographic Videos to up the user engagement, higher conversion rates, showcasing creativity and drive while also keeping the bounce rates of the website in check. Not only are these graphically rich videos captivating but can also be used to influence buyer behavior within the buying funnel – all from creating awareness, moving to consideration and ultimately decision-making stage.

Here’s how we approach Infographic Videos to give you nothing but the best quality:

  • Research: Each video that we produce is backed by extensive and deep research about the product offering, solution offering, target group, competitors, and the voice of your brand. We believe that in order to do justice to the infographic video, thorough probing and research is imperative and that goes to show in the tiny details of the final output.
  • Conceptual clarity: As mentioned above, our foremost action is to develop clarity on the product/service offered. This is the fundamental step of any infographic video production as the USP of such videos is to explain a concept, product, or solution in-depth and detail- while catering to a layman. In a scenario where dynamic technology is the norm, a well-made explainer video that gets its facts right is a job well done.
  • Planning: The key to consistently creating top-class videos lies in meticulous planning. Once the research is in place, creating a script from the scratch followed by storyboarding takes place. This is a crucial step that helps break down the tasks into doable bits.
  • Production:
    Our production process ensures that the storyboard and the visual elements of the video are in tandem with each other. Our focus is to reach a point where every scene of the video flows seamlessly into the next one. To achieve that smooth video, we use customized graphic elements to bring uniqueness to your infographic video. We strive to achieve the perfect symphony of different elements like music, animation style, VFX, tone and color of graphics, transitions, voice over and overall flow of the video so it conveys the desired message. Our videos consistently push to keep the end-user engaged by employing the perfect synergy of advanced graphics, editing, and live footage.

What makes our Infographic Videos stand out?

  • We believe in keeping things fresh, modern, and current – our infographic videos feature high-end graphics, sophisticated typography and transitions, unique video templates, custom-built call-outs, and lower thirds. We achieve this through choice software for audio, video, dynamic animations, and voiceover to mean editing that means business.
  • We understand how important it is to have the right resources to provide superior quality results. We employ top-notch resources to enhance your videos like access to a host of overseas voiceover artists, copyright-free music, superior vector quality, high-resolution stock images, stills, and graphics.
  • In our approach of producing videos, we value feedback and constructive criticism from our team and clients alike. Whether it is the insistence on various details like font size, the background score, and tempo, etc. We follow a rigorous process of back and forth until we have a video that passes the internal stringent quality test.
  • Each move in our video production is geared towards highlighting the features of your product, explaining the technological breakthrough, and ultimately how the product functions. In doing so, what may seem to be little details and small decisions like graphical shapes, use of the correct hues, visuals, vectors, and background – are all created to align with not only your business but the industry and end-use of the video.

Expanding Market Reach through Multilingual VO

A well-crafted Infographic video has the ability to cross language barriers and open up potential new markets for businesses. Your product can reach new audiences through multilingual voice overs.

Trueline media works with some of the most diverse voice-over artists across the globe to provide you variety of voiceovers in all leading European and Asian languages.

Recent Videos


Infographic Video for Zietra Artificial Intelligence

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Hitachi IOV

Infographic video demonstrating Hitachi Astemo’s Internet

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Hitachi Energy Solution

Infographic video of Hitachi India’s futuristic energy inn

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Customer Testimonials – Our Immense Source of Motivation

I am very impressed with the way Trueline Media picked up a clear understanding of our communication objectives and translated that into a script, adding value even in the primary discussions. It is obvious that Trueline media is a specialist in the segment of Corporate Videos. The video shooting exercise was a pleasant experience for everyone in our organization and the video has come out exactly the way (if not better) it was envisaged. I am sure that this video will play a major role in conveying the right image of our company to all the relevant interfaces.

Jose Mathew - President (National and International Marketing & Sales), Alliance World Manufacturing Ltd.

Its been great to be associated with Trueline Media for the past few years. Being one of the foremost Hospitals in the city, we have seen that they have created our Healthcare Videos by emotionally being invested in the process in order to turn conceptions into reality, so that it is a win-win for all stakeholders involved. They have been of great support from the starting till now and I hope this continues for the coming years as well.

Drishmeet Buttar - Managing Partner, Healing Hospital

We were looking for a company that could provide us with a very cool explainer video, and we wanted a partner for the long term. In Trueline we found that. We were surprised every time by the extent of their professionalism and outstanding results. With the explainer video by Trueline, we have been able to accomplish a large outreach to an enormous number of prospects and received beautiful feedback. I would also recommend Trueline Media to other companies.

Maurik Dippel - CEO CircleLytics

The entire Trueline Media team was very professional and co-operative. Right from narrative to interviews and shoot, everything was well coordinated. We are pleased with the corporate video Trueline produced for us that showcased our brand, products and legacy. Thanks to Team Trueline

Mohit Motwani - Managjng Director, Cona Electricals

Thanks Trueline Media team for the immense value you brought to our corporate video. The response we received at the exhibition - Interzum Germany was extremely satisfying. Their technical recommendations, attention to detail and overall video production approach was absolutely flawless, and we look forward to working with Trueline on many new video initiatives.

Nitin Aggarwal - Marketing Manager, Stylam

Trueline Media did an awesome job in creating our corporate video of Healing Hospital. Right from initial research to storyboarding, video shoot, interviews, and editing; it was such an amazing experience for us. Every Doctor is just loving the video and praised the way our hospital has been showcased.

Drishmeet Buttar- Managing Director, Healing Hospital

Trueline Media is miles ahead in terms of the quality and content of their videos. We initially hired them to produce a corporate video for our company. However after looking at the results they produced and the kind of value they added by their inputs, we engaged them again for creating another video for “Life at Veridic”. Their work speaks for itself and I undoubtedly will go to Trueline media to get any kind of video production done in the future.

Ankur Thakur- Managing Director, Veridic Technologies.

Trueline Media was assigned to prepare a corporate film of our plant and infrastructure, and the team beautifully captured the essence of it. We would like to be associated with them again in future for their professionalism and ability to meet expectations. Wishing them all the best for their future endeavors.

Deepak Kumar- AGM Purchase, JSW Vallabh Tinplate

We have spread this video across the globe and everyone is loving it. Wonderful Video. Great Job. Thank you.

Dr. Ankur Sood - Tips Clinic and Institute of Plastic Surgery

The video your have created of our solar plant is fantastic. It covers each part of the process so nicely that it has become a benchmark and also a tutorial for our new newcomers.

D N Pandey, Director and VP Operations, Jupiter Solar Power Limited