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Videos for Paid Marketing

Videos as a marketing tool ambushed the digital marketing playbook in the last handful of years. It goes to show the burgeoning popularity of videos as they are increasingly being used to drive paid marketing campaigns.

What does it take to create a video for paid marketing?

  • Getting to the heart of your Business: A major pre-requisite to producing a business’ marketing video is to conduct in-depth research about the what, how, and why of that entity. This exploration entails not only understanding the solution, product or service offered but also the work culture, the long-term vision of the brand, the principles and causes valued by the organization, and their way of giving back to the society – no detail is menial.
  • Get the messaging to work for you: An impactful video will tick all the technical boxes while effortlessly bonding with the audience. And only a video that connects with the audience will create an impact and give the business much-needed conversions, leads, and awareness. To establish a connection- the messaging has to hit it out of the park. That means getting the right copy that connects, conveys, and converts is of utmost importance.

  • Leveraging Post-Production: Some solid post-production effects can be the differentiating factor in a sea of marketing videos. Adding flawless transitions, high-quality stock images and videos, background soundtrack that matches the vibe of the endeavor, including some real- people in bits and pieces of the video to lend the edge of “human” to an entity – all go a long way in cementing the relationship between consumers and businesses through a well-crafted marketing video.
  • Focus on Analytics: It is one thing to produce high-quality videos and another to do it efficiently. At Trueline Media, we pivot towards efficient video production by optimizing the Return on Investment (ROI), Cost-per-click (CPC), Click-through-rate (CTR) across the videos created. Not only that, we ensure that the quality is not jeopardized in meeting the numbers’ game.

Our Approach

  • We empower your business by showcasing your strength, highlighting your USP and bringing forth your forte in the video through compelling copy and videos with universal and timeless appeal to them. While we stay abreast of the developments and trends but we use those to create impactful campaign videos.
  • We go the extra mile by customizing graphical elements like plexus, lower-thirds and 3D tracked call-outs to add dimensions to the video.

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

The entire Trueline Media team was very professional and co-operative. Right from narrative to interviews and shoot, everything was well coordinated. We are pleased with the corporate video Trueline produced for us that showcased our brand, products and legacy. Thanks to Team Trueline!

Mohit Motwani - Managjng Director, Cona Electricals

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

Thanks Trueline Media team for the immense value you brought to our corporate video. The response we received at the exhibition - Interzum Germany was extremely satisfying. Their technical recommendations, attention to detail and overall video production approach was absolutely flawless, and we look forward to working with Trueline on many new video initiatives.

Nitin Aggarwal - Marketing Manager, Stylam

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

Trueline Media did an awesome job in creating our corporate video of Healing Hospital. Right from initial research to storyboarding, video shoot, interviews, and editing; it was such an amazing experience for us. Every Doctor is just loving the video and praised the way our hospital has been showcased.

Drishmeet Buttar- Managing Director, Healing Hospital

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

Trueline Media is miles ahead in terms of the quality and content of their videos. We initially hired them to produce a corporate video for our company. However after looking at the results they produced and the kind of value they added by their inputs, we engaged them again for creating another video for “Life at Veridic”. Their work speaks for itself and I undoubtedly will go to Trueline media to get any kind of video production done in the future.

Ankur Thakur- Managing Director, Veridic Technologies.

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

Trueline Media was assigned to prepare a corporate film of our plant and infrastructure, and the team beautifully captured the essence of it. We would like to be associated with them again in future for their professionalism and ability to meet expectations. Wishing them all the best for their future endeavors.

Deepak Kumar- AGM Purchase, JSW Vallabh Tinplate

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

We have spread this video across the globe and everyone is loving it. Wonderful Video. Great Job. Thank you.

Dr. Ankur Sood - Tips Clinic and Institute of Plastic Surgery

Kind Words from Our Happy Customers

The video your have created of our solar plant is fantastic. It covers each part of the process so nicely that it has become a benchmark and also a tutorial for our new newcomers.

D N Pandey, Director and VP Operations, Jupiter Solar Power Limited